Author: Nupur

Cordoba Patio Festival (c) 0

The Patios of Córdoba

The patios of Andalusia are rectangular courtyards which are fully enclosed by a colonnaded portico (porch), i.e. a roofed set of columns which allow people to walk around their open courtyards shielded from sun and rain. Their overall design closely resembles so-called...

Royal pots are Sintra National Palace, Portugal 0

Bunny Delights – Coniglio alla Cacciatora

Living in Europe has been a steep learning roller coaster. Although my amazing ancient India is blessed with a multitude of cultures and religions with their very own varied foods, food habits and taboos, and my beautiful pristine New Zealand supplies probably...

San Maurizio 0

A Spiritual Stroll Through Milan

Milan as Italy’s commercial powerhouse, home to its stock exchange and some of the world’s big names in fashion may not sound like the first address in matters of the soul, but scratch a little under the surface and you may discover...