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To the World’s Most Accessible Glacier

Alaska, Spitsbergen, or Tierra der Fuego come to mind when thinking of glaciers, especially the fancy ‘calving’ ones that end in an ocean or lake with big pieces of ice breaking off and spectacularly splashing into the water. There is a place,...

Italian end of the Great St. Bernard pass in January 2018 (c) nupursworld.com 0

Snowshoe Zen at the Great Saint Bernard Pass

In an earlier story I had been praising the area around the Swiss-Italian Great Saint Bernard Pass as an easily accessible alpine wonderland – between June and October that is, when the pass road is open bringing you conveniently up to some...

Great view towards the Monte Rosa 4

Day Trip to the Great Saint Bernard Pass

Although the actual Grand Saint-Bernard Pass is a stop-over magnet for travelers between Italy and Switzerland to grab some fresh mountain air and have a peek around the amazing setting or get a cuddle from the gentle giant St. Bernard rescue dogs,...